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National Council of Exchangors promotes advanced education in real estate. We know that superior knowledge is the key to success for our clients and our profession.

EMS Designation.  The NCE Board of Directors has taken important steps to increase the prestige and credibility of the Equity Marketing Specialist (EMS) designation.  In the past, the EMS designation was an integral part of becoming a member.  Other than a 2-day introductory course, the EMS designation was assigned to each new member, regardless of the level of education and experience of the member.  That is no longer the case for new members.  Receiving the EMS designation will now require that all new members satisfy certain educational and experience requirements before they are awarded the EMS designation.  The standards are recommended by the Education Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  The standards may change from time-to-time.  Requirements to become an EMS are:

       1.  Completed EMS Application

       2.  NCE Membership

       3.  Holding an active Real Estate License for a minimum of three years.

       4.  16 hours of NCE approved advanced education in areas such as formulas,
             counseling, taxation, negotiation, and similar courses.  A list of approved

             courses is available.

       5.  48 hours of documented attendance at marketing sessions at the local, regional,

            or national level.

The Education Chairperson may determine a waiver of some of these requirements depending on experience and equivalent education.  The Education Chairperson will solely determine any equivalency standards or waivers.

NCE periodically presents educational courses in:

  • Counseling
  • 1031 Exchange Strategies
  • Broker Estate Building
  • Creative Solutions
  • Equity Marketing, Basic and Advanced
  • Formulas
  • Moderator Training
  • Promissory Notes
  • Specialized Areas (examples:  Asset Protection, Foreclosure, Insurance, Real Estate Law, Negotiation, Tax Law)
  • Others as requested



"High Touch Real Estate Brokerage"

Ted J. Blank, S.E.C., CCIM, EMS

Ted is the owner of Ted Blank & Associates based in Denver, Colorado.  Active in the real estate business since 1979.  He specializes in syndications, note acquisitions, REO, and client based counseling.  Ted has traveled extensively, presenting his course around the country.  His course will help you to identify your client's situation and how to ask, listen, and understand your clients, which will result in more closed transactions..

"Traditions of Exchange Counseling"
Hunter Quistgard, SEC, EMS
Originally designed as the “Quistgard/Weaver counseling course, Hunter Quistgard offers his famous one-day rendition of "Traditions of Exchange Counseling". Mr. Quistgard underscores throughout the course instruction, the key importance of proficient client counseling: "If you don't counsel, you don't get to escrow."
Course Topics:
The psychology of the exchange counseling process.
The forms.
The outline.
Case studies utilizing specific and creative R.E. formulas.
Live client-counseling workshop.
Decades of imparted wisdom on Exchange Counseling.

Core Education: Introduction to Equity Marketing:  

"Creating Powerful Transactions that Close"

James T. Wilson, S.E.C., CCIM, EMS

Jim is President of Investment & Real Estate Solutions, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida.  Jim has been active in the real estate field for over 32 years.  His experience includes development and construction of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, as well as  extensive experience in tax deferred exchanges and the utilization of charitable trusts with real estate investment assets.  Jim's course provides marketing tools and procedures that will help you prosper in any market..

Specialized Topics

"Equity Marketing - Skills for all Markets"

Ed "Scotty" Scott, EMS

Ed has been a mentor and instructor who counseled hundreds of would-be investors through his workshops on subjects such as Asset Protections, Money & Wealth Management, Financial & Retirement planning, and the use of self-directed IRAs.  Ed's course is designed to teach the skills you need to succeed in any market.

"Fishing & Catching - Working in Tough Markets"

John Weaver, CAI, EMS

John has been a licensed real estate broker since 1969, and has sold in excess of $200 million of real estate at public auction throughout the United States.  In addition, he has sold approximately $2 billion in ranches, land, farms, and investment properties.  This course includes negotiating, facing challenges, momentum through habits, and making a commitment.

"Fishing Upstream"

John Weaver, CAI, EMS

This course features innovative marketing methods for all property types, especially in "tough" markets, in the morning session.  It is followed by a marketing meeting in the afternoon where you will learn how to structure creative transactions for all property types.

"Creative Real Estate Solutions"

Kenneth M. Vidar, CCIM, EMS

Kenneth M. Vidar will demonstrate how to turn formulas into real estate, and real estate into dollars. He presents them in a format of posing a problem and then solves it. This course looks back at actual transactions that provided both great results for the clients and generous compensation to the brokers.

Some of the topics covered in this course include: The Art of Restructuring Investments; The Creation of Wealth; Purchase vs. Option; Equity Conversions Through Options; Development Formulas; Restructuring Paper; Lower The Interest for Higher Yield; Land Leases; Discount Sale/Buyback; The Order of Acceptability; Divide the Equity; The Overtrade; Preferred Position; Creation of Wealth; De-financing; Safety First Formula; Subdivide for Profits; Have Fun with Retirement...and much more.

The course is geared towards commercial and investment real estate professionals as well as residential brokers who wish to step beyond conventional buying and selling. This "how to" course demonstrates through the use of formulas, how to both build your own (or your clients) estate, and how to locate more transactions and structure them for greater profit.

Many of these formulas have been the cornerstone of real estate fortunes in the modern creative real estate business.

A partial list of Ken’s successes and credentials include being honored with the National Association of Realtors’ Most Outstanding Commercial Investment Transaction Award; Instructor for the National CCIM program from 1983-1993; Previous Vice President of the NW Region of the CCIM; First Vice President of the National Society of Exchange Counselors, (SEC); President of Northern California CCIM Chapter, and the moderator and featured speaker for many national conferences in the U.S. and Canada. He is past president of both The Marin Investment Counselors in California, and the Northern California Chapter of CCIM. Most recently in he was awarded the Jack Hunt Excellence in Education Award from the National Society of Exchange Counselors.

Creative Real Estate Formulas: Skills for All Markets
Charles E. Sutherland, EMS, SEC

Chuck Sutherland has been active in the real estate brokerage and investment business for over 40 years. As a well-respected leader in the real estate industry, Chuck provides education in "Creative Real Estate *Formulas" to agents, brokers, and professionals across the country. His course instruction has been viewed for over a decade as one of the most fundamentally relevant courses available for national and localized real estate organizations alike.

As an active real estate (development) consultant, he also provides comprehensive feasibility and market studies for industrial, commercial, hospitality, retail, mini-storage, mobile home, and housing projects throughout the United States.

Chuck Sutherland is the author of two books - Creative Seller Financing and Creative Down Payments. These publications are now available on Amazon at:


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