Board of Directors

2023 Officers & Board of Directors

Tom DeSollar, 2023 President 2nd year - 3 year term

Debbie Ferrari, President Elect 1st year-2year term

Erica Vesely, Secretary 2nd Year-2 year term

Blake Allen, Treasurer 2nd year-2 year Term

Charles Sutherland, 2nd year-2 year term

George Noor, 1st year- 2 year term

Noah Ruggieri, 1st year- 2 year term


Committee Chairs & Members as per  Policy & Procedures VIII Page 8

Executive Administrator:  Kara Libster

Audit:  Hal Palmer, Chair

Education: Michael Libster, Chair; Jim Wilson, John Weaver

Election:  To Be Selected after Nominations

Ethics:  William Jones, Chair;  Michael Libster; Erica Vesely

Group Affiliations: Dave Sanchez, Chair, Jim Buchanan

Marketing:  Michael Libster, Chair; Will Jones; Paul Krause

Membership:  John Spinola, Chair;  Billy Anastopoulos; Janice Landers

Internet & Social Media:  Chuck Trice, Chair;

Newsletter: Debbie Ferrari, Editor

Production Managers: Thomas Powell, Asher Refailov

Conference Manager: Peter West, Chair

Contracts & Document Preservation: William Jones

NCE Foundation Liaison: Jim Wilson,, Chuck Sutherland

Spouse & Guest Social Coordinators: Marta & Jim Buchanan

Appointed Committees as per  Bylaws Article IX

Production Managers: Thomas Powell; Asher Refailov 

Conference Management Chair: Tyler Nepote

Website Improvement & Development: William Jones, Michael Libster, Kara Assist

Contracts, Document Preservation:  William Jones

NCE Foundation Liaison: Jim Wilson/ Chuck Sutherland

Spouse & Guest Social & Entertainment: Marta & Jim Buchanan