NCE - National Council of Exchangors



The National Council of Exchangors (NCE) is a non-profit trade association comprised of real estate licensed professionals from across the country. We meet four times per year at our conference venue in Las Vegas, Nevada where we host educational events and conduct marketing meetings. At conferences, our members have the opportunity to present offerings through professional moderators towards the sale and exchange of their real estate nationwide.

Our events are highlighted with industry specific educational courses such as: Introduction to equity marketing, client counseling, creative real estate formulas (designed to help better structure successful sales and exchange solutions), transaction structures, and other related real estate course topics.

Professional moderators conduct our marketing sessions and utilize a pre-moderation counseling process to assist the presenter by placing focus on the specific goals of the client, benefits to the parties, as well as any specific challenges of the property, the ownership, or the location. Thereafter, guided by our moderators, the presenter is able to draw out a greater number of sale and exchange proposals from the audience. Members focus on this equity marketing process as a tool that allows real estate licensees to look beyond “all cash” as the only means to consummate a transaction.

NCE understands that knowledge and creativity are the keys to success for our clients and our profession. Our members achieve high levels of education in the following areas:

Counseling – Creative Formulas - Exchanging - Financing - Marketing – Tax Considerations - Transaction Structure

NCE also offers the Equity Marketing Specialist (EMS) real estate designation to its qualified members.

In addition to attending our national marketing conferences, our members and affiliates located throughout the country, meet at their own local affiliate group level (typically held on a monthly basis). NCE believes that supporting its affiliated local exchange groups through providing educational resources is an important way for the organization to fulfill its mission of professional improvement for everyone in the real estate industry.

To learn more about NCE Membership eligibility requirements, Membership benefits, and how to join, please visit "Membership Information".


For any questions please contact:
Kara Libster
NCE Executive Administrator
Phone: 858-222-1608
Email: admin@ncexchangors.com